[olug] Copying a hard drive to USB with dd

Thomas D Williamson twilliam at inebraska.com
Sat Jan 16 13:05:12 CST 2021

I have a 80 GB drive that is too full to perform updates. I have a 
larger drive to replace it. I have 128 GB USB and was wondering if dd 
could be used to copy the 80 GB onto it  and install the new drive and 
use dd to copy the 80 GB to the larger drive. I would then resize the 
partitions to use available space among other things.

I looked around and could not find anything that addressed this. I have 
done this with drives where there were more slots for putting in drives 
with SATA connections, but this is a compact format and has more of a 
laptop connection, so I do not see how to have the old drive and new 
drive attached at the same time to accomplish the dd transfer.


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