[olug] Shell accounts? [OT?]

Herb Wolfe hwolfe71 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 22:26:34 CDT 2017

Does anyone know of any providers of shell accounts? I'd prefer local or
free. I've been using Internet Nebraska for some 20-odd years, and they are
going to drop shell access soon. Web hosting is a bonus, as they've also
changed their setup for that as well.

I primarily use it now to connect to a MUD and a couple of other telnet
based chatrooms via the Tinyfugue (TF) MUD client. I've done it this way,
rather than running TF locally, as my wifi routinely resets itself, and TF
will not keep the connection through the reset.

I've looked at some of the free shell providers, but it's unclear whether
they provide TF, or allow 'mudding.'


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