[olug] Shell accounts? [OT?]

Boian Berberov (Public) bberberov at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 22:51:30 CDT 2017

The cheapest VPSes (Vultr) are $0.004/hour, but not local.  There are some even cheaper, but I'm not finding the site right now.


Boian Berberov

On 13/09/17 22:26, Herb Wolfe wrote:
> Does anyone know of any providers of shell accounts? I'd prefer local or
> free. I've been using Internet Nebraska for some 20-odd years, and they are
> going to drop shell access soon. Web hosting is a bonus, as they've also
> changed their setup for that as well.
> I primarily use it now to connect to a MUD and a couple of other telnet
> based chatrooms via the Tinyfugue (TF) MUD client. I've done it this way,
> rather than running TF locally, as my wifi routinely resets itself, and TF
> will not keep the connection through the reset.
> I've looked at some of the free shell providers, but it's unclear whether
> they provide TF, or allow 'mudding.'
> Thanks,
> Herb
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