[olug] [OT] Anyone on Consumer Cellular?

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Sun Nov 22 22:45:59 CST 2015

I can't speak to Omaha, but I'm told that AT&T's coverage around Lincoln 
is completely worthless unless you're downtown.  It's far worse than 
Sprint / Ting coverage (which I have).  You may or may not have good 
coverage at your house, but I wouldn't hold out much hope for AT&T 
coverage in general being much better than Ting.

On 11/22/2015 10:09 PM, Dan Linder wrote:
> I'm looking at a new phone and I'm not pleased with the data coverage near
> my home (south of Bellevue and the base) I have with Ting (a Sprint MVNO).
> Coverage is good when I am at work (114 and Dodge) so it's just my home
> residental area.  (Sprint proper isn't that great down here either.)
> My parents use Consumer Cellular (an AT&T MVNO) but only for basic calls
> and limited texting.  They speak highly of their customer service, but can
> anyone provide any feedback on the cellular data coverage and quality?  Do
> the AT&T MVNOs get access to all the same towers, or just a subset?

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