[olug] [OT] Anyone on Consumer Cellular?

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Sun Nov 22 22:09:59 CST 2015

I'm looking at a new phone and I'm not pleased with the data coverage near
my home (south of Bellevue and the base) I have with Ting (a Sprint MVNO).
Coverage is good when I am at work (114 and Dodge) so it's just my home
residental area.  (Sprint proper isn't that great down here either.)

My parents use Consumer Cellular (an AT&T MVNO) but only for basic calls
and limited texting.  They speak highly of their customer service, but can
anyone provide any feedback on the cellular data coverage and quality?  Do
the AT&T MVNOs get access to all the same towers, or just a subset?


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