[olug] HDTV Antenna recommendation

Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T jeffh at dundeemt.com
Tue May 15 17:46:49 UTC 2012

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 10:21 AM, Jon Larsen <jon at jonlarsen.us> wrote:

> On 05/14/2012 02:06 PM, Obi-Wan wrote:
>> Looking for an hdtv antenna -- I've got an hd homerun showing up today and
>>>>> I'm looking for a hdtv antenna.  I live in NW Omaha so if you have one
>>>>> and
>>>>> like it please let me know.
>>>>> I'm extending my myth/xbmc set up.
>>>> The Philips Silver Sensor was the king of set-top antennas...
>>>> but I'm told it's been discontinued.
>>> I'm planning on mounting it in the attic of the garage, from what I've
>>> read on line the RCA 751 is getting good reviews.  Anyone use it?  Looks
>>> like I'm going to have to order it as I can't find a local source.
>> Never tried that one, but let us know how it works out.  I'll have to
>> do a different antenna setup when we move this winter.
>> My current setup uses a 2x2' square grid mounted to a post in my attic.
>> I bought it locally many years ago (before most of the country had ever
>> yeard of digital TV), so I'm not even sure of the brand.  It works well,
>> though.  I'm in Lincoln, and it pulls in Omaha stations wondefully.
>> I had to put an in-line amp up in the attic to combat signal attenuation
>> by the time the cable snaked down to my basement&  back up to the TV.
> Take a look at antennaweb.org.  You can use it to find out the
> frequencies you need to cover for your location.  The frequencies are color
> coded, so you only need an antenna that covers those colors.
> I am in NW Omaha (line of site view of the 72nd and Crown point TV
> transmitters), so I choose the Winegard HD-1080 and it works great.  I have
> it installed in the basement utility room at my house and use an inline
> powered amplifier.  I plan on installing it in the attic someday.  Keep in
> mind that siding and roof shingles do reduce signal strength for any
> antenna. Here is a link to the manual.
> http://www.winegard.com/kbase/**upload/1450510%20%20HD-1080.**pdf<http://www.winegard.com/kbase/upload/1450510%20%20HD-1080.pdf>
> You can get it off amazon (like I did) for around $30.
> Jon L.
What direction/azimuth do you have it aimed and what channels are you
picking up?

Since your antenna is so close, why are you using an inline amp?  Are you
doing whole house distribution or is it the fact that the antenna is in the
basement and needs a little extra umph?

I am looking forward to integrating it into my myth set up.  The hd homerun
came in yesterday.  I hooked it up to my existing cox cable to play around
with it, but won't configure it in myth until I get my antenna set up.  I
ordered a RCA 751 yesterday and it should be in this week.




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