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Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Fri Dec 16 19:19:08 UTC 2011

Does XBMC do any sort of recording like MythTV?  I'd like to replace our
DVR when we cut the cord with Cox, and I know that XBMC is very nice but
last I checked (1.5 years ago), it didn't do that.

When I get free time (yeah, right), I'd like to do an XBMC+MythTV install
on the same system...or is that a well-documented install now?


On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 11:56, SndChaser <sndchaser at cerebralrift.org> wrote:

> I've not tried to install Myth...  So far XBMC seems to be doing quite
> nicely...I was quite impressed when I was able to scan my 1TB music
> collection into it's database, even running from the Live image in 2Gig of
> memory (with the option to download artist / album / track reviews, info,
> etc. turned on).  I read a couple of good guides today on setting it up on
> a minimal Debian install, and configuring Sick Beard and Couch Potato with
> I am *seriously* giving consideration to trying to write some scripts for
> it...  I'm heavily into Creative Commons music, and see several
> opportunities to write plugins to support good CC sources: Libre.fm,
> Jamendo, FMA and Sonic Squirrel...for a start.  I'll have to dust off my
> python scripting skills and see if I can do anything.
> So - does anyone else have any startlingly good reason(s) I should look at
> Myth over XBMC?  (Really trying to get a good comparison before I settle
> too much.)
> George
> On 16.12.2011 11:34, DYNATRON tech wrote:
>> boxee is a fork of xbmc. i have heard good things, but i use plain old
>> xbmc
>> on several platforms and enjoy it a lot. works great with SMB shares.
>> both support python scripting, which can be quite fun if you want to get
>> your hands dirty. i have heard that boxee python isn't as good as plain
>> xbmc.
>> a lot of people on this list use myth. i hear good things.
>> On Dec 15, 2011 10:21 AM, "SndChaser" <sndchaser at cerebralrift.org> wrote:
>>  So, last weekend I was in Sol's and found an Acer Aspire X1200 (
>>> http://bit.ly/s6Oq2O) sitting on a shelf without a price tag on it.  The
>>> thing I noticed about it is that it has an eSATA port in addition to it's
>>> HDMI port.  So, I pulled it off the shelf and put it on the counter and
>>> asked one of the guys "how much?"  They came back with a price of $200
>>> for
>>> everything (computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor).  I managed to talk
>>> 'em
>>> down a bit more and went ahead and bought it.  After cleaning it up
>>> (cleaning the heat sink, blowing out the dust, and washing the case
>>> thoroughly), I set it up in my living room and started playing with it:
>>> upgraded the firmware, and grabbed a live XBMC disk...  Everything is
>>> running like a top on it: video is working well, audio is perfect, etc.
>>> So, here's the situation / question: I am planning on making this a
>>> permanent Media Center.  I'm going to get a 60G SSD for it, get my RAID
>>> set
>>> up (eventually) and install something.  That's the question: what should
>>> I
>>> install?  So far it seems like XBMC, MythTV, and Boxee are the three
>>> primary choices.  But does anyone have any specific recommendations?
>>> I'm currently leaning towards XBMC on top of Arch, but I am definitely
>>> wide-open to suggestions.
>>> George
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