[olug] Backup solutions

Benjamin Watson bwatson1979 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 22:08:48 UTC 2010

I personally built a 2TB 5-drive RAID5 FreeNAS box for about $350 and
it works well for my home use needs.  Probably not near as reliable or
as performant as you would want, but it just goes to show you what can
be done.

Oh, and FreeNAS has a neat web-based GUI with package management.  One
package of particular important for this thread is bacula.  Then you
can throw bacula clients on Linux/Windows boxes and have them do
full/incremental backups scheduled however you can think of.  I've got
this setup in my own home.

bacula is free, but there is a fair amount to configure, so read up on
it before you deep-dive.

On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Sam Tetherow <tetherow at shwisp.net> wrote:
> No news here, but your admin is a moron.  You can get 2-4 TB of network
> attached storage for significantly less that 6 figures more like high 4
> figures.  If you want to do it on the cheap do a NAS linux box using sata
> drives, not long-term reliable, but if it really is just a backup and you
> have a full time admin (that can do his job) replacing drives as they fail
> is not that onerous.  If you want something a little more professional look
> into drobo, buffalo or hp storageworks, just a quick glance shows 4TB for
> around $5500
> Obi-Wan wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> Since some of you deal with this stuff on a daily basis and I don't,
>> I'll shoot you an email before I start digging around.
>> If you had to find a backup solution for, say, 2-4 TB spread across a
>> handful of linux-based NFS file servers, what would be the cheapest
>> workable solution?  Or at least, where should I start looking for
>> solutions?
>> Our admin at work has convinced the boss that such a solution will cost
>> six figures, and therefore won't increase our available disk space
>> beyond what we can currently backup.  Some of our data disks routinely
>> hover around 98%, and many developers are forced to store data (not
>> code) on local desktops that aren't backed up.
>> Now I'm off to look this up myself...
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