[olug] OT: VoIP vx. Cox Phone (was: Restarting the Cox Modem)

Thomas D. Williamson twilliam at inebraska.com
Wed Feb 14 15:51:42 UTC 2007

I found with SunRocket I could get 15 months of service, free domestic  
long distance, some international long distance free (I am not a user  
of that though), a group of services and a web interface to manage  
them. This cost $199  or about $13 per month. Also if I travel  
anywhere and take the router, I can receive and make calls where ever  
I can connect to a high speed internet access.

If I move my number stays with me, any where there is SunRocket  
Service, which covers most larger cities with some sort of broad band  
service, and get another  local number. So if I move from Omaha  I  
will maintain the Omaha number and family and friends can always make  
a local call to contact me. When I did this I also reduced my cable  
service (I realized how little I was viewing on the expanded basic),  
my bill dropped to about 40% of what I was paying previously.  Had I  
maintained the expanded basic I would have had about a 30% decrease in  
my Cox bill.

Tom Williamson

Quoting Sean Kelly <smkelly at zombie.org>:

> Okay, I hate it when threads get hijacked so I'm starting a new one even
> though it is kind of a fork of an already sort of hijacked thread. Further,
> it is offtopic but ...
> In the thread about Cox modem restarts (which I also experience
> infrequently), a few people noted that they use Vonage or Sunrocket. I've
> looked at switching to these, but I was curious if there is really an
> advantage price or performance-wise in using this over the already pretty
> cheap Cox phone. Presumably since you're getting your Internet from Cox,
> you're getting your TV from them as well. Any reason why you don't just
> bundle their phone service?
> Thanks.
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