[olug] OT: VoIP vx. Cox Phone (was: Restarting the Cox Modem)

Ryan Stille ryan at cfwebtools.com
Wed Feb 14 15:40:33 UTC 2007

Sean Kelly wrote:
> Okay, I hate it when threads get hijacked so I'm starting a new one even
> though it is kind of a fork of an already sort of hijacked thread. Further,
> it is offtopic but ...
> In the thread about Cox modem restarts (which I also experience
> infrequently), a few people noted that they use Vonage or Sunrocket. I've
> looked at switching to these, but I was curious if there is really an
> advantage price or performance-wise in using this over the already pretty
> cheap Cox phone. Presumably since you're getting your Internet from Cox,
> you're getting your TV from them as well. Any reason why you don't just
> bundle their phone service?

I think SunRocket has COX beat in terms of price.  I pay about $18 a 
month for SunRocket, all taxes included.  That includes unlimited long 
distance, and pretty much every option there is (caller id, call waiting 
caller ID, voice mail, 3-way, etc. etc.).  To get a similar package with 
COX would cost somewhere around $36, before taxes and fees, and includes 
no long distance. (based on this page 

If all you need is a basic line, with no LD, then you can get a single 
line from cox for $16, not including fees and taxes, which probably puts 
you over the SunRocket monthly fee.

As far as quality, I don't think any voip service is as good as a POTS 
line.  But its adequate for me.  I had problems with choppy audio while 
uploading until I turned on qos on my Linksys (linux flashed) router.


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