[olug] OT: VoIP vx. Cox Phone (was: Restarting the Cox Modem)

Craig Wolf CJWolf at mpsomaha.org
Wed Feb 14 16:42:57 UTC 2007

I pay about $27/month for Vonage with all services and taxes in that.  I (my wife) makes about 1 -2 hours of calls to Portugal each month.  That costs me about 2.5 cents/minute and no monthly fee.  Best I found before that was 10 cents/minute and a $5/month fee.  I am saving around $90/month by using Vonage in my long distance.  I have the Phone Adapter, Router, and Cable Modem on a UPS so I still have phones in a power outage also.  E911 now works.  I have been happy with it over the last 3 years of use.

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>>> smkelly at zombie.org 2/14/2007 >>>
Okay, I hate it when threads get hijacked so I'm starting a new one even
though it is kind of a fork of an already sort of hijacked thread. Further,
it is offtopic but ...

In the thread about Cox modem restarts (which I also experience
infrequently), a few people noted that they use Vonage or Sunrocket. I've
looked at switching to these, but I was curious if there is really an
advantage price or performance-wise in using this over the already pretty
cheap Cox phone. Presumably since you're getting your Internet from Cox,
you're getting your TV from them as well. Any reason why you don't just
bundle their phone service?


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