[olug] FS: 4u RM Case w/ Promise Fastrak T4200 SATA & SuperTrak 4100, 3x Maxtor 200GB SATA

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 07:41:08 UTC 2006

i thought about banging on your door last night to get you down to the
meeting ...  hardware like this is so much easier when you can see it

On 9/6/06, Shawn L. Djernes <shawn at djernes.org> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I know I should have posted this Monday Night, but I wasn't for sure I was
> going to sell it.  It now looks like I really need the money to pay some
> bills.
> So here is what I got up for sale?
> 1x SkyHawk 4u Rack Mount Case w/ Full Rail kit.3x5.25" 1xExt 3.5" 2x
> Internal 3.5, 120mm Front Fan, 2x 80mm fans and center crossbar w/ card
> clips. NO Power Supply, and I will remove the dead Mobo.
> 1x Kit Promise FastTrak T4200, SuperTrak 4100, 3x Maxtor 200gb SATA 1x 80GB
> Sata disk
>    Now you are asking why would anyone part with a kit like this?  Well
> Promise did not deliver on the promise of good OpenSource Drivers for this
> card and box.  They have pre-build modules for Red Hat and Suse and BSD but
> not for use on Debian.  With a 2.6.15+ kernel this card works well as a
> Standard SATA 4 port card.  The Encloser is a 4 in 3x5.25" box and is
> currently mounted in the above mentioned case,  It and the drives and card
> work fine, tested them in other machine.  The Motherboard and Power Supply
> went out and now have moved the data and am planning SAS RAID .
> Would like $600 for the whole thing but will consider offers.
> Please contact me off list at shawn at djernes.org or call 350-6973.
> Shawn
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