[olug] FS: 4u RM Case w/ Promise Fastrak T4200 SATA & SuperTrak 4100, 3x Maxtor 200GB SATA

Shawn L. Djernes shawn at djernes.org
Thu Sep 7 04:20:12 UTC 2006

Hi All,
I know I should have posted this Monday Night, but I wasn't for sure I was
going to sell it.  It now looks like I really need the money to pay some
So here is what I got up for sale?
1x SkyHawk 4u Rack Mount Case w/ Full Rail kit.3x5.25" 1xExt 3.5" 2x
Internal 3.5, 120mm Front Fan, 2x 80mm fans and center crossbar w/ card
clips. NO Power Supply, and I will remove the dead Mobo.
1x Kit Promise FastTrak T4200, SuperTrak 4100, 3x Maxtor 200gb SATA 1x 80GB
Sata disk
    Now you are asking why would anyone part with a kit like this?  Well
Promise did not deliver on the promise of good OpenSource Drivers for this
card and box.  They have pre-build modules for Red Hat and Suse and BSD but
not for use on Debian.  With a 2.6.15+ kernel this card works well as a
Standard SATA 4 port card.  The Encloser is a 4 in 3x5.25" box and is
currently mounted in the above mentioned case,  It and the drives and card
work fine, tested them in other machine.  The Motherboard and Power Supply
went out and now have moved the data and am planning SAS RAID .
Would like $600 for the whole thing but will consider offers.
Please contact me off list at shawn at djernes.org or call 350-6973.

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