[olug] OT: Not a Linux Question BUT an OpenOffice 2.0 one

irv Irv at TwoCobbs.net
Wed Jan 25 17:20:32 UTC 2006

Joe Gulizia wrote:

>We have 4 or 5 Windows machines running Open Office
>2.0. Today when converting text files (letters) to
>.doc format...when we re-open them in Open Office they
>have a color background on them (navy blue).  We can
>go into "format" "page" "background" and then "no
>fill" >> read, edit and save them as .doc and they
>look fine on screen.  When we re-open them the blue
>background appears again.  I can export as a PDF and
>they appear fine.  I can send to a MS Word (MS Office)
>user and they appear fine.  I can save as an Open
>Document Text file and they re-open fine.  When the MS
>user opens the same .doc file in Open Office 2.0 the
>document has the blue background.
>The machines have Windows XP Home except the MS Office
>user has Windows ME and MS Office 97.
>What gives?
>Thanks for any help.

I've never seen this happen, but I don't use MS Office much. I suggest, 
if no one on the OLUG list can help you, that you go here:


and pose your question on a help forum or mailing list. Specifically, 
the user mail list is very active and you're likely to find help there.


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