[olug] OT: Not a Linux Question BUT an OpenOffice 2.0 one

Joe Gulizia jrguliz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 18:06:30 UTC 2006

We have 4 or 5 Windows machines running Open Office
2.0. Today when converting text files (letters) to
.doc format...when we re-open them in Open Office they
have a color background on them (navy blue).  We can
go into "format" "page" "background" and then "no
fill" >> read, edit and save them as .doc and they
look fine on screen.  When we re-open them the blue
background appears again.  I can export as a PDF and
they appear fine.  I can send to a MS Word (MS Office)
user and they appear fine.  I can save as an Open
Document Text file and they re-open fine.  When the MS
user opens the same .doc file in Open Office 2.0 the
document has the blue background.

The machines have Windows XP Home except the MS Office
user has Windows ME and MS Office 97.

What gives?

Thanks for any help.

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