[olug] Newbie Question

Jack jdunn110 at cox.net
Thu Jan 12 16:59:28 UTC 2006

    I'm running Mandrake 2006 on a 2.8MHz AMD Sempron and Mandrake 10.2 
on an 800 MHz Athlon and I can't figure out how to get access to one 
from the other.
    The 2.8 successfully at least pings the 800.   The 2.8 rejects pings 
/from/ the 800.  Both are set on High security.  I took the shorewall 
off the 800 (since I had no idea how to properly set it - but the 2.8 
was able to ping the 800 before I did that).
    I can just break down and buy an external floppy and use sneakernet 
to get files from one to the other, but I have a linksys router 
connecting the two and should be able to use my home network.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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