[olug] Newbie Question

Bill Brush bbrush at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 17:11:57 UTC 2006

Well the connectivity issue is your first order of business.  If they
can't ping each other, then odds are they can't talk in any more
meaningful way.  Try shutting off any internal firewalls first, as a
troubleshooting step.

After you get the connection established you have 2 or 3 file transfer
options.  NFS (easy, but no security, probably perfect for your
situation), Samba (compatible with Windows, and that's about the only
thing I can say that's positive about it), or and ftp-style

Where it's a home network with a small pool of users, I'd probably
just use NFS, and make sure that you can't connect from the outside


On 1/12/06, Jack <jdunn110 at cox.net> wrote:
>     I'm running Mandrake 2006 on a 2.8MHz AMD Sempron and Mandrake 10.2
> on an 800 MHz Athlon and I can't figure out how to get access to one
> from the other.
>     The 2.8 successfully at least pings the 800.   The 2.8 rejects pings
> /from/ the 800.  Both are set on High security.  I took the shorewall
> off the 800 (since I had no idea how to properly set it - but the 2.8
> was able to ping the 800 before I did that).
>     I can just break down and buy an external floppy and use sneakernet
> to get files from one to the other, but I have a linksys router
> connecting the two and should be able to use my home network.
>     Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>     Jack
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