[olug] Linux Admin Needed at UNO

Eli Criffield elicriffield at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 20:24:34 UTC 2006

There is an opening for a Linux Admin at UNO, the job posting says
linux and windows but unless they change some things I'm guessing the
responsibility's would be 90% Linux and 10% windows. I wouldn't expect
cooperate level pay from UNO but from what i understand they get more
vacation and flexibility then most cooperate places. They may even be
willing to take a risk on a relative newbie admin, but I'm just
speculating there.

I'm not a headhunter and I'm not getting any referral for finding
anyone and i don't really care if they do, i just thought I'd let
everyone on here know about it.


or if that doesn't work

Working Title -> Systems Administrator II


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