[olug] How's Running a Linux Desktop at Work?

Adam Haeder adamh at aiminstitute.org
Tue Aug 1 17:38:33 UTC 2006

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I've been using Linux as my primary desktop since about 2000 (remember
Netscape 4? I do :( )

 Q) If you have multiple machines which is the primary?
 A) Only the one machine

 Q) Are you actually allowed to run Linux on your desktop or are you
running "under the radar"?
 A) Since I make the rules, I allow myself to run it :)

 Q) Did you install Linux or did come that way from your tech group?
 A) Myself

 Q) Are you encouraged, allowed or just tolerated?
 A) I encourage myself

 Q) How many people have you been able to convert?
 A) I had one of my systems guys (Chad) on a linux desktop for about 6
months, but he went back to windows.

 Q) What are you running?
 A) SuSE 10.1 (KDE) on a Dell P4, although I've used Redhat, Fedora, and
Mandrake in the past. As long as it can run KDE, I don't care what distro
I use. But I can't live without konsole and kprinter

 Q) What has been the biggest challenge in going to Linux?
 A) Back in the day, poor smbmount support and Netscape 4. Now, not much.
The only apps I use are konsole, firefox, openoffice, gaim,
mysql-query-browser and pine.

 Q) Thing that most suprises people about your desktop?
 A) openoffice, probably. The fact that I don't need MSOffice to
interoperate with all the other windows machines.

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