[olug] How's Running a Linux Desktop at Work?

Sean Kelly smkelly at zombie.org
Tue Aug 1 16:37:23 UTC 2006

I don't actually use Linux. I use OS X and FreeBSD. However, I'll respond

On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 07:35:54PM -0700, Aaron Grothe wrote:
>  Q) If you have multiple machines which is the primary?
Primary is my PowerBook running Tiger. Other is FreeBSD 6.1. I also have
some I use inside of VMWare Server on one of my test servers, such as a
W2K3E, WinXP Pro, and so on.

>  Q) Are you actually allowed to run Linux on your desktop or are you running "under the radar"?
I'm not not allowed. I don't run Linux on a desktop, but I ran FreeBSD for
a long time as my primary before the PowerBook came along.

>  Q) Did you install Linux or did come that way from your tech group?
I install it all. That is just how I roll.

>  Q) Are you encouraged, allowed or just tolerated?
I think it varies between allowed and tolerated, based on whether I need to
open some MS Project file and can't. Mostly allowed.

>  Q) How many people have you been able to convert?
To OS X or FreeBSD? A few to OS X.

>  Q) What are you running?
Mac OS X 10.4.7 on a 17" PowerBook G4 that sadly kissed the floor this
morning. Anybody know if AppleCare covers warping due to PowerBooks falling
off of tall surfaces?

FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE on a P4 1.3GHz.

>  Q) What has been the biggest challenge in going to Linux?
None, really. Just getting people to export MS Project data as HTML,

>  Q) Thing that most suprises people about your desktop?
The glowing Apple logo. Expose.

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