[olug] Opinions of MSCIS program at Bellevue

OBrien, Timothy IrishMASMS at olug.org
Mon Feb 21 19:47:27 UTC 2005

<quote who="Eric Pierce">
> Does anyone here have any direct/indirect experience with this program
> and/or
> Bellevue University and/or any of the CIS professors?

I finished my BS at Bellevue in 1999, so YMMV. ;)

Having enough credits for a BS, but just not the 'right classes' UNO
wanted me to go for another 3 years and did not have the program I wanted;
Bellevue let me jump into their acellerated BS program for MIS. Only a few
'career broadening classes' were required, and I took those at Metro
Community College (cheaper per credit hour) and transfered those as well.

I went to class every Monday night for almost a year, with almost no
breaks. Spent every weekend (all weekend) doing homework, team projects,
and the like. Did my Air Force job, and even went through a divorce during
this whole mess. My instructor throughout the program was understanding
and willing to work with me, even when I was recalled in the middle of
class one time. It was a busy & stress full time in my life, but I
obtained the goal. Now I can take the classes I wanted to take, just for
the hell of it.

Sure, it was a chunk of money - but in the long run it was cheaper than
going through the University of No Opportunity (and the PKI was not even
proposed at that time). Any University is just after the money, and what
you learn is what you get out of it.

Timothy "Irish" O'Brien

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