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Tue Feb 22 16:06:53 UTC 2005

Robert, Steve & Tim,

Thanks for the advice.  That helped me feel a load more confident about

Thanks again,
Eric Pierce
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> > Does anyone here have any direct/indirect experience with this program
> > and/or
> > Bellevue University and/or any of the CIS professors?
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> I finished my BS at Bellevue in 1999, so YMMV. ;)
> Having enough credits for a BS, but just not the 'right classes' UNO
> wanted me to go for another 3 years and did not have the program I wanted;
> Bellevue let me jump into their acellerated BS program for MIS. Only a few
> 'career broadening classes' were required, and I took those at Metro
> Community College (cheaper per credit hour) and transfered those as well.
> I went to class every Monday night for almost a year, with almost no
> breaks. Spent every weekend (all weekend) doing homework, team projects,
> and the like. Did my Air Force job, and even went through a divorce during
> this whole mess. My instructor throughout the program was understanding
> and willing to work with me, even when I was recalled in the middle of
> class one time. It was a busy & stress full time in my life, but I
> obtained the goal. Now I can take the classes I wanted to take, just for
> the hell of it.
> Sure, it was a chunk of money - but in the long run it was cheaper than
> going through the University of No Opportunity (and the PKI was not even
> proposed at that time). Any University is just after the money, and what
> you learn is what you get out of it.
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