[olug] Opinions of MSCIS program at Bellevue

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	I have an MSCIS from Bellevue.  I completed it a few years ago
	but I did *not* accomplish it online - I prefer face-to-face
	instruction and direct interaction with other students.

	The professors I interacted with were top-notch and Professor
	Dan Creagan (who heads the Center for Information Technology) is 
	one of the most knowledgeable guys you will ever meet.  He really
	drives you to excel and does not settle for crap ("If you give
	me back exactly what I show you here in class, that's a 'C'." - he
	really encourages you to stretch beyond the basic classroom 
	If you can swing it (and if he is still teaching) take *every*
	class you can with Creagan.  Avoid Dr. Carpenter like the plague -
	unless you really like condescending professors.  Dr. Chappel is
	also a great teacher on the business-side of things; his vocabulary
	is extensive and some students find this intimidating but he really
	seemed like a good teacher instructor I had him (and I did have him
	as an	online instructor - the only online course I remember taking).

	Since you are looking at online programs, I would still encourage
	you to keep BU in mind for a number of reasons:

	1. If you run into problems, you still have local access to 
	   the professors.  The business offices, financial aid offices and
	   professors will keep hours more closely similar to your own and
	   the calls will all be local calls.  If you can't reach a professor
	   via email or phone, and it is important enough to you, you can 
	   raise holy heck in front of their door until someone deals with you.

	2. The cost you see quoted per hour includes everything.  There 
	   were no "hidden" fees or costs when I went through BU.  My wife
	   attended UNO and it always drove me nuts that we couldn't figure
	   out her costs as easily as my own because of the numerous fees that
	   would pop up at "check-out" time.  If you are comparing on cost,
	   don't discount BU because the per credit-hour cost is higher - its
	   just more up front about costs than some other schools.  I think
	   there might be a separate student activity fee but I don't think it
	   applies to online students; that would be the only "extra" fee that
	   might not be disclosed in the tuition cost.

	3. If Creagan is still running the show, he is a top-notch educator
	   who demands a lot from both his staff and his students.  The
	   professors who staffed the courses under his watch were great!
	   (Carpenter aside).  There is no tenure at BU - the professors 
	   are unable to rest upon their laurels.

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Hi all,

I'm ferociously close to entering the Master of Science in Computer Information
Systems at Bellevue University.

But before I do...

Does anyone here have any direct/indirect experience with this program and/or
Bellevue University and/or any of the CIS professors?

The convenience factor of being able to complete a CIS masters program online
just about has me sold.  But then again... if I'm trying to go all online for a
masters program, what's tying me to a regional school?  I don't know.  

One other benefit of Bellevue is that I only have to take one transitional
class (already taken) before can jump into the masters program.  UNO's program
had me down for 5-6 transitional classes if I remember correctly.

Thanks for reading and much obliged for any advice!
Eric Pierce

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