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I was referring to this:



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On Jul 29, 2005, at 11:05 PM, Christopher Cashell wrote:

> At Thu, 28 Jul 05, Unidentified Flying Banana Nathan D. Rotschafer,  
> said:
>> Requesting a static IP is free (I have one).  They do on the cable
>> side filter ports like 25 inbound and outbound along with 80
>> inbound.  Overall I like the service and it is fast.  In my new
>> apartment that I'm moving into in August I'm choosing to go back to
>> qwest dsl over cox cable for a lot of reasons.  I currently have
>> qwest cable and would be happy to answer anything else you might want
>> to know.
> This is correct.  If you need a static IP, they will setup a static
> conduit/mapping so that your internal static IP always matches a
> specific external IP.  With that, you can ssh in to your box, or run
> services on non-standard ports.
> If you want a static IP without any ports firewalled, you have to get
> the "business" class service.  For that they charge an additional
> $20/month, and cap your upload speed at a lower level.  Something like
> 256kbit, as I recall.
>> The reason for the special modem is that it isn't true
>> cable internet but instead basically vdsl to the box in the backyard
>> to deliver voice and internet over 1 line...
> This is actually backwards.  Qwest is basically the only company I  
> know
> that *doesn't* share video and data over a single cable.  Qwest  
> runs two
> separate cables to, and through, your house.  One cable handles video,
> the other is a purely digital signal and handles internet and DMX
> (Digital Music).
> When the fiber network was initially laid, they ran fiber to the curb,
> and setup a purely digital network along side the analog video  
> network.
> Originally, the plan was to do video conferencing and video on demand
> stuff, but at that time, the technology just wasn't there yet.   
> Luckily,
> right as that fizzled out, cable internet came along.  Since they
> already had a high quality and established digital network, they  
> shifted
> things over to that and ran with it.
> Perhaps you're thinking of Cox?  Qwest doesn't offer voice over  
> cable at
> this time, their voice network is separate from the cable/cable modem
> stuff.
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