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Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Thu Aug 4 03:51:46 UTC 2005

At Mon, 01 Aug 05, Unidentified Flying Banana Nathan D. Rotschafer, said:
> I was referring to this:
> http://www.qwest.com/vdsl/learn/markets.html

Ahh, I see.  The information there is kind of misleading, because
Omaha's setup isn't the same as the other places.  If you look at the
fine print at the bottom, you see:

  **Qwest Choice TV & OnLine is also offered in portions of western
  Omaha, NE. Using hybrid fiber coaxial architecture and cable modem
  delivery, Qwest Choice TV & OnLine provides advanced video and
  Internet services with more choices, more value and better quality
  over other service providers. Qwest Choice TV offers customers a
  choice of several basic program and premium movie packages available
  at competitive prices.  Qwest Choice OnLine offers high-speed
  residential, Internet services with download capabilities 100 times
  faster than a conventional dial-up modem.

In Pheonix and Denver, they use a more traditional DSL setup.  In Omaha,
it's a "hybrid fiber coaxial" setup utilizing cable modems.  Basically,
"fiber to the curb", and then coax to the house, terminated with a
standard DOCSIS cable modem.

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