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neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Tue Jun 8 17:25:35 UTC 2004

  I've been deluged with email contacts from people who were interested
about that job I mentioned earlier - I expected one or two qualified
candidates, not a dozen. I don't have any authority with the employer
and I only knew one of that dozen, so I am just going to provide the
online link for the job:

Under Mgr/Professional Job List.
Technology Support Specialist  #35341.
 The position is within the University system at the Agricultural
Research and Development Center five miles south of Mead, Nebraska.
They've got dozens of Windows boxes, one FreeBSD system that provides me
with screen and syslog services, a sprawling wireless network, and a
whole slug of other stuff I don't know much about at all. There was no
debate at all on installing the FreeBSD system and they're ripe for
other innovations along these lines.

 I've worked for the guys pretty steady over the last few months
maintaing their wireless system and I give the work environment an A+
rating. The person currently doing support is moving up within the
system and from what I've seen things are well run - you won't be
inheriting systems or users that are ticking bombs. I do think this is a
'farmer' type work environment - the people who are there have been
there for a while and they don't appear to be planning on doing anything

 Well, there it is, best of luck .......................

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