[olug] network support position

Bill Brush bbrush at unlnotes.unl.edu
Wed Jun 9 00:23:44 UTC 2004

Steady jobs with good work environments are at a premium these days.  I 
imagine even people with steady jobs are interested.


olug-bounces at olug.org wrote on 06/08/2004 12:25:35 PM:

>   I've been deluged with email contacts from people who were interested
> about that job I mentioned earlier - I expected one or two qualified
> candidates, not a dozen. I don't have any authority with the employer
> and I only knew one of that dozen, so I am just going to provide the
> online link for the job:
>  I've worked for the guys pretty steady over the last few months
> maintaing their wireless system and I give the work environment an A+
> rating. 

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