[olug] Web server monitoring services

David Walker olug at grax.com
Fri Dec 31 13:26:58 UTC 2004

On Thursday 30 December 2004 10:24 pm, Daniel Linder wrote:
>  - Cons: Not really a con perse, but if his monitoring server is in the
> rack right next to yours at the same ISP (or located at the same ISP
> provides your Internet) then the only thing he is testing is the internal
> infrastructure between your server and his -- probably not a real good
> test until you have a flaky T1.
Not to keep pushing Vorteon's stuff but you'll have to think up a new con.  We 
run our monitoring services from our Lincoln office.

Our other option is to find some people with the time and energy to complete 
the peer to peer trusted monitoring platform that Dan and I designed one day 
in our spare time.

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