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Daniel Linder dan at linder.org
Fri Dec 31 16:16:11 UTC 2004

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<quote who="David Walker">
> Our other option is to find some people with the time and energy to
> complete the peer to peer trusted monitoring platform that Dan
> and I designed one day in our spare time.

I don't think we can take any credit for this -- I know of a previous
software I used called "CycleTraders" that you registered your web site
with them, and you started running their monitoring app.  The app queried
their site periodically (once a day or so) for a list of URLs to monitor.
When the application next connected to the site for the refeshed URL list,
it uploaded the timings from the previous polling period.  A user could
then login and see performance history of their site as reflected from all
the other users locations.  If your site stopped reporting in for an
extented period of time, the system stopped monitoring your site.  This
way people couldn't "leech" off of the system, and it helped keep their
central database clean of non-existant systems.

On a related note, I have thought about morping this into either a
distributed IDS or SPAM solution.  Just not enought time in the day to
play with these ideas.


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