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Daniel Pfile daniel at pfile.net
Fri Dec 31 04:56:56 UTC 2004

GlobalNetWatch has a server here in town hosted by a company at least 1 
person on this list works for (I used to work there as well...) They 
had a deal worked out to monitor the gear there in exchange for the 
box, all though I'm not sure of the exact details of the deal. It 
seemed to work pretty good. Maybe the person mentioned can comment 

-- Daniel

On Dec 30, 2004, at 10:24 PM, Daniel Linder wrote:

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> I'll second the solutions that everyone has mentioned.
> A: GlobalNetWatch (globalnetwatch.com) that Terry mentioned has some
> really nice options to give you all the eye-candy that some managers 
> seem
> to feed off of.
>  - Pros: From what I remember, they have a number of monitoring sites 
> in
> multiple ISPs across the world so they can start to help you see 
> regional
> outages that some customers might notice and call your helpdesk about.
>  - Cons: I believe they were quite pricy if you just wanted them to do 
> a
> quick "ping scan" of a single server if all you were interested in is
> your end of the Internet connection and/or ISP.
> B: Vorteon (www.vorteon.com) mentioned by Dave Walker (owner and 
> friend of
> mine).
>  - Pros: Dave is a really sharp guy and a big FOSS supporter (aren't we
> all here).  I can't speak to his pricing, but I know when he did his 
> own
> monitoring of his servers which were housed at the ISP I worked at, we
> could count on him calling us about 5 minutes after we had any service
> impacting incident. :)
>  - Cons: Not really a con perse, but if his monitoring server is in the
> rack right next to yours at the same ISP (or located at the same ISP
> provides your Internet) then the only thing he is testing is the 
> internal
> infrastructure between your server and his -- probably not a real good
> test until you have a flaky T1.
> C: Your ISP - Implied (?) by a couple pages.
>  - Pros: Might be part of your existing service contract but you don't
> know it!  Could be an inexpensive feature add on.
>  - Const: If the ISP's upstream Internet connection has issues itself,
> they might not have to alert you.  Most ISPs have a "down-time" clause,
> but it is up to the customer to report each and every outage.
> Does this help any?
> Dan
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