[olug] Kernel upgrade knocked out sound?

CM Miller cmmiller1973 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 21:58:46 UTC 2003

--- Jason Mollner <jjmollner at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I hope not to start a war...but what do I gain by
> always installing my
> kernels by hand?
> I see it like this...
> By hand:
> Pro - Takes longer so I can't update my kernel as
> often
> Con - optimized for my needs/hardware.
> Not by hand:
> Pro - I can easily (and thus, more frequently)
> update to a bleeding edge
> kernel
> Con - it isn't optimized.
> I used to be in the Gentoo crowd and thought that
> having everything
> optimized for my hardware was important but after
> switching to
> debian, I haven't found any noticeable loss in
> performance, so now
> I just use whichever distro is the easiest to
> maintain.
> Here is an article comparing the speed of sources
> vs. binaries:

D00d, you forgot to include the url.  

Since I'm new to configuring a kernel by hand, I would
like to see the 411. 


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