[olug] best broadband option?

Bob McCoy bob at mccoy.net
Tue Aug 19 17:53:10 UTC 2003

Just to add a little fuel to the fire ...

- Cox will only assign static IP addresses to Cox at Work customers.  This
comes at a (very) premium price.

- Now having said that, I have a dynamic IP address that hasn't changed
since the day I got it.  But I don't think my machine's been off for
more than ten hours at a time in that period.  The address lease time
(at least on my net) is 24 hours.  I used ZoneEdit.com for my DNS and
I've never had to change my "A" record.

- Cox does block outbound SMTP for @Home customers.  You must dump your
email (Smart Host) off on their server for forwarding.  And as far as I
can tell, they are blocking inbound port 135 because my firewall logs
don't show any evidence of the MSBlaster worm.  However, as far as I can
tell, there is very little if any other filtering.

- If you've got a $100 cable bill, you're obviously getting more than
your cable modem.


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I've heard from a 3rd person that quest cable modems are really bad. 
Perhaps Mac Petras can comment?

I like cox, but they don't let you run a server... (I ssh into home and 
sometimes run other services on different ports, but they do watch 
traffic) DSL is ok and available most places, but it's slow and 
expensive compared to cox. Especially since you'll have to go with a 
premium provider that allows servers.

Oh, and welcome to Nebraska. I'm a transplant myself, along with about 
50% of the city it seems. What brings you here?

-- Daniel

On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 12:01 PM, Brandon Lederer wrote:

> I've heard quest cable modems are the best.... but you gotta live
> between fort and harrison, west of 680, i believe.  I am not unhappy 
> with Cox cable modem service.... but i hate the 100 dollar cable bill.

>  Service with cox has GREATLY improved.
> Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
>> I'm sure this is a question that gets asked a lot.  What's the best
>> option for broadband in Omaha, in terms of value and service?  Also, 
>> I'd like to run a small server from home.  If there are any providers

>> that allow it and don't charge an arm and a leg for the static IP, 
>> that would be good to know.  What options are available?
>> Thanks,
>> Tim the soon-to-be Nebraskan
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