[olug] best broadband option?

Bob McCoy bob at mccoy.net
Tue Aug 19 17:56:24 UTC 2003

I have no issues with inbound port 25.  However, outbound has to be
dumped off on their server.  I haven't tried inbound 80.

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Qwest cable services are firewalled for all incoming ports.

Cox firewalls the normal ports 25,80 etc...but if you have a redirector
site, then you can setup a www server on another port....

If you need default ports for email/etc then you would need to purchase
the Cox Business service.....otherwise you could use the home service
with non-standard ports and fetchmail............................

Cox Home-service = ~32kbps upstream

If available in your area, DSL would offer higher upstream bandwidth.

or T1's are down to ~$500.00/month........

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