[olug] qmail - install - trying the test bit...

Michael J Schumacher schu777 at cox.net
Fri Mar 22 04:22:33 UTC 2002

Okay - maybe I'm finally learning/remembering more tonight...

First, it looks like Step 3 of the /var/qmail/doc/TEST-deliver worked...

However, the "syslog" file it's talking about doesn't exist on the system...I've gone to the root directory and did a "find . -name syslog" and none of them that shows up belongs to qmail.  Now if I look at /var/log/qmail/current file it has the following:

@400000003c9a919b373d692c status: local 0/10 remote 0/20

@400000003c9a91c1346b5d6c new msg 3556042

@400000003c9a91c1346b7cac info msg 3556042: bytes 240 from <root at localhost.localdomain> qp 18227 uid 0

@400000003c9a91c134ba8af4 end msg 3556042

Which of course doesn't match of what the TEST-deliver script says - not quite...Anyway, I've moved to step 4 of TEST-deliver and that above is what I get...not quite what they said it would be.  Now if I check on the user that is setup as postmaster for the bounce message, it has nothing of it being bounced.  Perhaps I don't have that setup right or not???

Thanks, Micael

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