[olug] qmail - install - trying the test bit...

Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Fri Mar 22 09:40:32 UTC 2002

As an aside, can you set your e-mail client to wrap text at somewhere
under 80 chars?  It makes things a lot easier to read for those of us
who use terminal based e-mail clients.

At Thu, 21 Mar 02, Unidentified Flying Banana Michael J Schumacher, said:
> Which of course doesn't match of what the TEST-deliver script says -
> not quite...Anyway, I've moved to step 4 of TEST-deliver and that
> above is what I get...not quite what they said it would be.  Now if I
> check on the user that is setup as postmaster for the bounce message,
> it has nothing of it being bounced.  Perhaps I don't have that setup
> right or not???

Do you have all your aliases set up?

QMail, by default, won't deliver e-mail to root at .  It expects you to
have an alias for root@ setup, pointing somewhere else.  Aliases are
generally placed in /var/qmail/alias/, and contain files in the style of
.qmail-ALIAS_HERE, which contain either a username, a directory, or an
e-mail address.  For example, `echo "topher" > .qmail-root` would set
things up so any e-mail that comes in for root@ will be routed to the
account 'topher'.

Common aliases you should set up, if you haven't yet, are for: root,
postmaster, abuse, support, mailer-daemon, and admin.  Some people also
like to set up aliases for ftp, webmaster, spam, system, hostmaster,
daemon, etc.

Remember to keep close watch on the log files in /var/log/ while you're
playing with this.  If everything goes right, you should have a "deliver
success" line in there, somewhere.  For example, here's a section I
pulled from today's log:

Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.291487 new msg 229740
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.291935 info msg 229740: bytes
    1992 from <olug-return-3956-topher=zyp.org at olug.org> qp 31954 uid 71
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.381781 starting delivery 163:
    msg 229740 to local topher at zyp.org
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.382021 status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.407094 delivery 163: success: did_1+0+0/
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.408828 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
Mar 21 19:45:23 nexus qmail: 1016761523.408986 end msg 229740

> Thanks, Micael



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