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> How do I configure the sound in Debian?  I'm using the 2.2.20 kernel. 
> I have an fv24 shuttle motherboard with using the 
> via82cxxx_audio module.  As root I cannot get /dev/dsp to open.

Are you sure the module is loaded?

Try "lsmod" to see if it is loaded.
If it is NOT loaded,
	modprobe <module-name>

If that fixes your problem, add the name of the module to


> I obviously don't know hwat I'm doing.  While I like being 
> able to apt-get the software I want.  How do I find out the 
> names of the software I want that are already available in 
> the archive.  Some are easy mozilla and mpg123 but others I'm 
> not sure of the names so I can't guess the package names.  If 
> I know the name apt-cache showpkg pkgname works but what 
> about when I don't know hte pkgname?

	apt-cache search <expression>

Where expression is a word that might appear in the name of the package or
description. For example,

	apt-cache search mozilla

Will show all of the packages that have mozilla in the title or reference
mozilla in their description.

> I should probably upgrade to the 2.4 kernel. What is the name 
> of the pkg to download the kernel source in debian?

	apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.18

	You'll also want to install the kernel-package if you do not have
it.  It is the "Debian Way"(TM) to do kernel compilations -- simplifies the
kernel compilation/installation cycle by creating a *.deb file that you can
then install with dpkg and remove with apt-get.  This way the process is
automated and you don't end up forgetting to move modules around or rerun

		apt-get install kernel-package gcc make libncurses5-dev

	To use the kernel-package, do this:

	Create a symlink in /usr/src to the kernel source...

		ln -s /usr/src/kernel-2.4.18 linux
		cd /usr/src/linux
		make-kpkg clean
		make-kpkg --config=menu 
		cd /usr/src

	if you have previously compiled a 2.4.18 kernel,
		rm -rf /lib/modules/2.4.18

		dpkg -i <name of deb file created by kernel-package>

	Answer yes or no to creating a boot floppy.
	Answer YES to installing a lilo boot sector.


	If you need instructions for patching the kernel (e.g. with the 
	preemptible kernel patch), just say so.  It's very easy with the
	Debian tools.

Robert A. Jacobs


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