[olug] Debian Sound Config

Phil Brutsche phil at brutsche.us
Tue Jul 30 04:45:57 UTC 2002

Eric Penne wrote:
 > How do I configure the sound in Debian?  I'm using the 2.2.20 kernel.
 >  I have an fv24 shuttle motherboard with using the via82cxxx_audio
 > module.  As root I cannot get /dev/dsp to open.

It should work out of the box, as long as it's "modprobe 
via82cxxx_audio" and not "insmod .....".

The last couple of lines from "dmesg" just after loading the driver 
should tell you everything you need to know.

 > I obviously don't know what I'm doing.

It just takes some getting used to.

 > While I like being able to apt-get the software I want.  How do I
 > find out the names of the software I want that are already available
 > in the archive.  Some are easy mozilla and mpg123 but others I'm not
 > sure of the names so I can't guess the package names.  If I know the
 > name apt-cache showpkg pkgname works but what about when I don't know
 > the pkgname?

apt-cache search <keywords>

To search for stuff related to CD burning, for example:

phil at merak:~$ apt-cache search cd burn
cdbakeoven - common GUI for writing CDs under KDE
cdlabelgen - generates front cards and tray cards for CDs
cdrtoaster - Tcl/Tk front-end for burning cdrom.
eroaster - The ECLiPt Roaster
gcombust - GTK+ based CD mastering and burning program
gramofile - Transfer sound from gramophone records to CD
kreatecd - A KDE CD burner with an easy interface
mp3burn - burn audio CDs directly from MP3s or Ogg Vorbis files
multicd - Backup your data to CD-R/CD-RW
partimage-doc - Partition Image User Documentation
webmin-burner - CD burning module for webmin

 > I should probably upgrade to the 2.4 kernel. What is the name of the
 > pkg to download the kernel source in debian?

kernel-image-2.4.x, or just get the sources from kernel.org and build it
yourself - the Debian binary packages aren't very far removed from the
official sources.



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