[olug] Debian Sound Config

Eric Penne epenne at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 30 03:57:17 UTC 2002

How do I configure the sound in Debian?  I'm using the 2.2.20 kernel. 
I have an fv24 shuttle motherboard with using the via82cxxx_audio
module.  As root I cannot get /dev/dsp to open.

I obviously don't know hwat I'm doing.  While I like being able to
apt-get the software I want.  How do I find out the names of the
software I want that are already available in the archive.  Some are
easy mozilla and mpg123 but others I'm not sure of the names so I can't
guess the package names.  If I know the name apt-cache showpkg pkgname
works but what about when I don't know hte pkgname?

I should probably upgrade to the 2.4 kernel. What is the name of the
pkg to download the kernel source in debian?


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