[olug] secondary slave server

roger schmeits schmeits at clarksoncollege.edu
Tue Jul 30 14:27:24 UTC 2002


I have been given permissions to become a secondary slave server to our
parent company.  Being new to bind I am a little fuzzy here.

Currently I am running bind 9.2.1 on a RH7.3 machine and have been in
production for about two weeks. Working fine with minor problems.
Mainly has to due on how to route email behind a firewall.  With the
secondary slave should solve the problem.

In the file /etc/named.conf I have created an entry

zone "domain.com" {
	type slave;
	file domain.com.zone";
	masters { xxx.xxx.xxx.123 ; } ;

ok straight forward...

service named restart

now here is where I get lost.

do I create a file called domain.com.zone???
how does it get populated?
do I put anything in there??



By the way I have confirmed that I can list all servers with the command
dig @xxx.xxx.xxx.123 axfr domain.com



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