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IrishMASMS at netscape.net (Timothy G. O'Brien) wrote:

|Well, can we find his DEFCON presentation for one of the Tuesday night
security videotapes at UNO/PKI??

I don't think Jello spoke at any Defcon conference, he did address the
keynote at Hackers On Planet Earth in 2000 though, HOPE 2K ... www.h2k.net

The next HOPE conference is up this summer in New York again...

And Dr. Burnham actually only has the videos from BH and Defcon from these
last two summers I believe, 2000 and 2001.

|Ok, so far Chris,  Paul McNally, and I have expressed their wish to go -
anyone else interested in the first in future OLUG social events?
|Here is the information:
|WHO: You, *nux & good music lovers
|WHAT: Bob Mould
|WHEN: Saturday, Amy 4, 2002
|WHERE: Music Box, Omaha, NE
|WHY: Why the hell not!
|Is there any way we can have the OLUG social event info posted to the
OLUG web site? Who do we need to coordinate with?

Does this Bob Mould have a similiar message as Jello Biafra, or just
similiar music?  I honestly haven't heard much about Biafra except how
much of an activist? he is for free speech and the internet and such... 

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