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Timothy G. O'Brien IrishMASMS at
Thu Apr 18 23:15:03 UTC 2002

CM Miller <cmmiller1973 at> wrote:

>--- "Timothy G. O'Brien" <IrishMASMS at>
>> No, he did not mention the discussion regarding
>> internet, electronic media, or fair use. In fact I
>> think he mentioned that he still does not have an
>> email address! 
>I don't think Jello likes computers but I believe that
>he did speak at either a 2600 convetion or Defcon. 
>The performance is called 'Hack the Planet' is and
>very good.  Doing any search on whatever peer-to-peer
>file swapper should find it, but believe me, go out
>and buy this guys' stuff cause he is a true artist.  

Well, can we find his DEFCON presentation for one of the Tuesday night security videotapes at UNO/PKI??

<<snipage regarding Show hacking anyone>>
>> Well, the management at the Music Box is trying to
>> build a good base & business, trying to improve the
>> music scene in the local area and bring in some good
>> bands. Hell, in the next few weeks I can recall they
>> have Bob Mould and Big Head Todd. Anything to not
>> having to go to the Raunch barf, IMHO!
>> Sounds like we should start having some OLUG social
>> events. Anyone up to going to see Bob Mould?
>Hey Tim, I'm have tempted to go to that cause I'm a
>big Husker Du/Sugar fan, and I'm not sure if others on
>the list are big music fans, but I suspect some are. 
>That is a great idea about an OLUG night out. 

Ok, so far Chris,  Paul McNally, and I have expressed their wish to go - anyone else interested in the first in future OLUG social events?
Here is the information:

WHO: You, *nux & good music lovers
WHAT: Bob Mould
WHEN: Saturday, Amy 4, 2002
WHERE: Music Box, Omaha, NE
WHY: Why the hell not!

Is there any way we can have the OLUG social event info posted to the OLUG web site? Who do we need to coordinate with?
Other info: call the Music Box or check out 
-The Reader 
-Omaha Weekly

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