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Jonathan Warren jonwarren at cox.net
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Changes between KDE 2.2.2 and KDE 3.0
This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 2.2.2 and 3.0 releases. The primary goal of the KDE 3.0 release is to port the existing codebase of the KDE 2 series to be based on the Qt 3 library. 

The use of Qt 3 provides a set of new features and improvements as well as allows a long period of binary compatible releases. 

A lot of fixes for reported bugs in all applications 
Porting to make full use of the Qt 3 GUI toolkit 
Performance improvements in some areas 
Arts has been splitted in a KDE-independent part and KDE-bindings 
More PlayObjects (more fileformats) 
Improvements of the MIDI capabilities (alsa support) 
Integration of new GSL scheduling code 
More support for using samples as instruments (.PAT loader) 
Recording support in the APIs (kretz at kde.org) 
Threaded OSS support (should run more reliable on more kernel drivers) 
Moved code to a separate CVS module 
KSSL: Completion of certificate and CA management tools 
KSSL: X.509 and PKCS12 certificate viewer and import tool part (KPart) - embeddable in Konqueror 
KFileDialog: URL Speedbar 
Support for Icons on Buttons in various dialogs 
A GUI Item class that encapsulates KAction attributes 
Added plugin interface for the Renaming Dialog 
Improved service activation (dcopstart) 
Support for Multi-key shortcuts (emacs-style) added. 
WebDAV support 
Plugin interface for retrieving / modifying meta information of files 
KDirLister is now cached (i.e. directory listings of ftp servers in konqueror) 
Optional emulation of traditional Mac keyboard 
KDEPrint: Improved CUPS support. 
Improved stability of some of the plugins 
Reinclusion of KDat 
Inclusion of several themes (icon, window decoration etc) 
KWin: smart mechanism that avoids focus stealing from windows the user is active on by windows that pop-up (M. Ettrich) 
KWin: don't crash when popup-menu of a window is still visible when that window gets closed 
KWin: don't shade/unshade (gross ugly flicker) windows that are moved fast in hover-unshaded state 
KWin: deny to the masochist the resizing of a shaded window 
KWin: automatically unshade on maximize, on restore-from-maximized and on restore-from-minimized 
KWin: work around ugly jre-1.3.1 bug with popup dialogs vanishing forever after first use 
KWin: improve moving by keyboard and bring back Ctrl-key ordered fine/coarse-grained keyboard moving 
KWin: abort keyboard moving of windows with Escape too 
KWin: no active desktop edges on resizing 
KWin: don't warp mouse pointer when touching desktop edge (with active edges enabled) if desktop isn't actually changed 
KWin: contain desktop navigation inside a box (don't wrap around from last to first desktop of a line or column) 
KWin: don't stack windows under desktops 
KWin: gracefully handle more than one desktop client application 
KWin: fix bogus gravitating for non-NW-gravitated windows on session restore (i.e., no more drifting of Xclock when started with -geometry -0-0 or such) 
don't allow <any-modifier>+Alt+mouse to do things as if it was Alt+mouse (L.Lunak) 
any mouse button moves window when dragging titlebar, unless mouse click was popping an operations menu (this greatly improves consistency for configurable mouse bindings) 
don't show operation menus for desktop (no more move desktop to desktop 1 %-) 
KTip: center on screen 
KTip: readable on dark color schemes 
Kate: added plugin and new KTextEditor interface 
Kate: XML Plugin 
Konqueror/khtml: GUI for animated gifs: Always / Play Once / Never 
Konqueror/khtml: Major rework of the ECMAScript ("Javascript") implementation 
Konqueror/khtml: Major improviements in the DHTML compatibility 
Konqueror/khtml: Added "smart" window.open Javascript policy that skips popup banners 
Konqueror/khtml: Support for Actions in the new sidebar 
Konqueror/Sidebar: Added "New directory" option 
Konqueror/Sidebar: Added mediaplayer 
Konqueror/fileview: Extended tooltips for information about files 
Konqueror/popup plugins: Added "kuick", the quick copy and move plugin 
Konsole: New parameters: --nomenubar, --noframe, --noscrollbar and -tn <foo> (set $TERM=<foo>) 
Konsole: Keyboard shortcuts to activate menubar and rename session (Defaults: Ctrl-Alt-m & Ctrl-Alt-s). 
Konsole: New options: Blinking cursor, configurable line spacing, no/system/visible bell 
Konsole: Monitoring for activity and/or silence, sending of input to all sessions (cluster management) 
Konsole: History of a session can be cleared, searched and saved to a file. 
Konsole: Session types can specify a working directory. 
Konsole: Changed behaviour of "New" in toolbar, now starts session of type last selected. 
Konsole: Session buttons display state (e.g. bell) and session type icons. Double click renames them. 
Konsole: Sessions can be reordered via menu entries or keyboard shortcuts (Default: Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right). 
Konsole: Extend selection until end of line if no more characters are printed on that line. 
Konsole: Stop scrolling of output when selecting. 
Konsole: Drag & drop of selected text (like CDE's dtterm) 
Konsole: Pressing Ctrl while pasting with middle mouse button will send selection buffer. 
Konsole: Hollow out cursor when losing focus. 
Konsole: Support for ScrollLock with LED display. 
Konsole: Write utmp entries (requires installed utempter library). 
Konsole: Proper implementation of secondary device attributes, MODE_Mouse1000 and wrapped lines. 
Konsole: Session management remembers and activates last active session. 
Konsole: DCOP interface, sets environment variables KONSOLE_DCOP & KONSOLE_DCOP_SESSION 
Konsole: Made embeddable Konsole part configurable. 
Konsole: KDE Control Center: Added "Terminal Size Hint" option and session type editor. 
Kicker: Implemented support for centerring the panel on screen 
Kicker: new applet: kpf - a web server applet, designed for sharing files 
KControl: Unified behaviour of root-only modules 
KControl: Rearranged dialogs 
KControl: Font Installation Assistant added 
added Objective C bindings 
added C bindings 
updated and improved the existing Java bindings 
Various improvements to the games 
Generalized more functionality into a libkdegames 
KDvi: Copy and paste text from a DVI file 
KDvi: Full text search 
KDvi: Export DVI files to plain text 
KDvi: Forward search with Emacs and XEmacs 
KDvi: Inverse search with a variety of editory 
KDvi: DCOP interface 
KDvi: Improved commandline options 
Noatun: Global XML import/export for the playlist 
Noatun: Winamp skin loader 
Noatun: Icecast / shoutcast streaming 
Noatun: Hide close status und tag displaying 
KMail: Maildir support 
KMail: Distribution lists and aliases 
KMail: SMTP authentication 
KMail: SMTP over SSL/TLS 
KMail: Pipelining for POP3 (faster mail download on slow responding networks) 
KMail: On demand downloading or deleting without downloading of big mails on a POP3 server 
KMail: Various improvements for IMAP 
KMail: Permanent header caching 
KMail: Header fetching is much faster 
KMail: Creating/removing of folders 
KMail: Drats/sent-mail/trash folders on the server 
KMail: Mail checking in all folders 
KMail: Automatic configuration of the POP3/IMAP/SMTP security features 
KMail: Automatic encoding selection for outgoing mails 
KMail: DIGEST-MD5 authentication 
KMail: Identity based sent-mail and drafts folders 
KMail: Expiry of old messages 
KMail: Hotkey to temporary switch to fixed width fonts 
KMail: UTF-7 support 
KMail: Enhanced status reports for encrypted/signed messages 
New Addressbook API (libkabc). Ported applications to use the new API 
KPilot: Rework conduits as plugins 
KPilot: Support for USB Visors 
KPilot: Extensive addition of tooltips 
KPilot: Move to .ui files as much as possible 
KOrganizer: Plugin interface 
KOrganizer: Group scheduling 
KOrganizer: Split alarm daemon in a lowlevel and a GUI frontend 
KOrganizer: pinning contacts to appointments and TODO's 
KBabel: Catalog Manager is now a standalone application 
KBabel: Find/Replace in all files 
New Applet: KWeather 
KWeather: Better reportview, support for european weather data 
KWeather: Improved report view, uses http to get the data more quickly 
KWeather: Improved METAR parser support 
KWeather: added DCOP interface 
KWeather: improved support for iconscaling 
KRegExpEditor: new 
Kpm got replaced by ksysguard 
New in KDE 3.0, a collection of edu(cation/tainmnent) applications for KDE 


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