[olug] module install

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Thu Jan 18 23:05:50 UTC 2001

I had a problem like this after my last install.  It's been long enough
ago that I don't remember the problem.  But several attempts of kernel
rolling, including reading most all the descriptive information available 
when using the make xconfig method, were unable to correct the problem.
So I just reinstalled.

Maybe after cleaning up the kernel there are still some lines in config
files that are causing the problem.  But which config files?  We're talking
about a device.  What's the linux daemon that calls device drivers?  
What's the name of the device driver that would handle the pcmcia device?

Hmmmmmmm.  Devices are like files and drivers are just a set of protocols
for how data is translated when moved to or from the special file.  Err,
that's my understanding.  So these protocols regarding pcmcia would be
compiled into the kernel.

On Wed 10 Jan 2001, mesc wrote:

> I did have pmcia support compiled into in in case I needed it.In
> hindsight if I ever did need it in the future it wouldn't be anytrouble
> to recompile it in huh?So I took it out 

You might state your nix flavor and just how you took it out.  Maybe you
didn't quite get it removed.  In debian there is a update-rc.d command 
which is used to remove init scripts for the init.d directory.  It takes 
care of the files in the various run state directories for you.

> and recompiled it and did the
> make modules and make modules_install I got the same error.It hast to be
> something I added or need to add to the kernel because I recompiled,make
> modules and  make modules_install'ed (gee did that sound right?...lol)
> another kernel with no problem just messing around.Unless someone else
> has an idea all I can do it keep  adding/removing things from  the kernel
> untill it works right.

Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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