[olug] module install

mesc mescie at home.com
Thu Jan 18 17:30:25 UTC 2001

I too have tried recompiling the kernel with and without various options and it
never did install the modules during make modules_install so after 2 weeks of
messing with it I just plan on doing a reinstall........probably tomorrrow.Now
the question is after I reinstall and TRY to upgrade to the 2.4.0 kernel again
will it give me the same problem?......lol.I'm begining to think that my box
don't like the 2.4.0 kernel : = )

                    Gary Martin

Mike McNally wrote:

> I had a problem like this after my last install.  It's been long enough
> ago that I don't remember the problem.  But several attempts of kernel
> rolling, including reading most all the descriptive information available
> when using the make xconfig method, were unable to correct the problem.
> So I just reinstalled.
> Maybe after cleaning up the kernel there are still some lines in config
> files that are causing the problem.  But which config files?  We're talking
> about a device.  What's the linux daemon that calls device drivers?
> What's the name of the device driver that would handle the pcmcia device?
> Hmmmmmmm.  Devices are like files and drivers are just a set of protocols
> for how data is translated when moved to or from the special file.  Err,
> that's my understanding.  So these protocols regarding pcmcia would be
> compiled into the kernel.
> On Wed 10 Jan 2001, mesc wrote:
> > I did have pmcia support compiled into in in case I needed it.In
> > hindsight if I ever did need it in the future it wouldn't be anytrouble
> > to recompile it in huh?So I took it out
> You might state your nix flavor and just how you took it out.  Maybe you
> didn't quite get it removed.  In debian there is a update-rc.d command
> which is used to remove init scripts for the init.d directory.  It takes
> care of the files in the various run state directories for you.
> > and recompiled it and did the
> > make modules and make modules_install I got the same error.It hast to be
> > something I added or need to add to the kernel because I recompiled,make
> > modules and  make modules_install'ed (gee did that sound right?...lol)
> > another kernel with no problem just messing around.Unless someone else
> > has an idea all I can do it keep  adding/removing things from  the kernel
> > untill it works right.
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> Mike McNally            mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
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