[olug] using diff files

Patrick Swartz pswartz at digitalrom.com
Thu Nov 9 14:26:09 UTC 2000

Hello all,

Could someone help me out.  I am trying to set up a system using the ext3
filesystem. The home page for the ext3 work is just a ftp site
(ftp.uk.linux.org/pug/linux/sct/fs/jfs), and all they have there are
ext-*.*.diff files.  How do I use these files?  I assume that they are some
kind of kernel patch, but I'm not real sure where or how to apply them.

Has anyone on this list used ext3?  I have looked at several journaling file
systems and they all have some kind of major drawback.  Most are still in
major development mode, or has problems with nfs or other distributed file
systems.  The developers of LVM (Linux Volume Manager) recommends ext3 and
says that inspite of the version number it is a solid file system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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