[olug] using diff files

Vincent vraffensberger at home.com
Thu Nov 9 23:10:46 UTC 2000

Patrick Swartz wrote:
> Hello all,
> Could someone help me out.  I am trying to set up a system using the ext3
> filesystem. The home page for the ext3 work is just a ftp site
> (ftp.uk.linux.org/pug/linux/sct/fs/jfs), and all they have there are
> ext-*.*.diff files.  How do I use these files?  I assume that they are some
> kind of kernel patch, but I'm not real sure where or how to apply them.
> Has anyone on this list used ext3?  I have looked at several journaling file
> systems and they all have some kind of major drawback.  Most are still in
> major development mode, or has problems with nfs or other distributed file
> systems.  The developers of LVM (Linux Volume Manager) recommends ext3 and
> says that inspite of the version number it is a solid file system.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Patrick
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------

I haven't touched ext3, but I have worked with reiserfs for over a
year.  In fact, I'm using it in an extremely demanding production
environment.  If you want to go w/ reiserfs, which Linus says should be
seen in an early point release of the 2.4 kernel, I could be of some

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