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Mark A. Martin mmartin at amath.washington.edu
Thu Nov 9 11:59:02 UTC 2000

What you said, Gary, is correct.  If Netscape is configured to retrieve
mail locally, then it won't retrieve mail from your ISP.  Netscape is
only capable of retrieving mail from more than one place if *all* of the
mail servers you want to retrieve mail from are IMAP servers.  (Even
then, Netscape won't magically start retrieving all of your mail.  You
have to configure Netscape to get mail from all of the servers.)  Aside
from the security reasons for making sure that your mail is properly
configured, this is the primary reason for changing your setup and seems
to be the cause of your confusion regarding the messages that logcheck

You could use fetchmail to retrieve the mail from your ISP but it's
unnecessary since you have a permanent IP address and FQDN.  Fetchmail
would only make the process more complicated.  That's why I didn't
mention it before.  You should be able to just forward the mail from
your ISP account.  This is probably just a matter of putting a file
called .forward containing your local email address (mesc at omahan1...) in
the home directory of your ISP account.  Don't start forwarding mail
until you have everything else configured properly.  (You verify this by
sending mail to yourself.)  Then check with your ISP to find out how to
forward mail from their system.
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