[OLUG] mail configuration

Quinn Coldiron qcoldiron at yahoo.com
Thu May 18 12:35:23 UTC 2000

> If you want all outgoing mail from the machine to say it comes from
> companyB.com you need to add
> MASQUERADE_AS(companyB.com)
> to your mc file and then regen your sendmail.cf.  If you are a glutton
> for punishment and would rather hand edit your sendmail.cf file you
> need to modify/add the DM line to be
> DMcompanyB.com
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sam Tetherow                           tetherow at nol.org
> Director of Development
> Nebrask@ Online                        http://www.nol.org/

I was looking at the masquerade option, but will that make ALL outgoing mail
from companyB.com.  I only want a small set of users to have outgoing say
companyB.com while the rest have companyA.com.

I guess I'm off to read the sendmail virtual hosting site...


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