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Wed May 17 21:16:42 UTC 2000

On 17 May, Quinn Coldiron wrote:
> I have an ADSL line with a dedicated IP that is used as a web server/mail
> server.  The ISP setup the MX entries in its DNS so mail gets routed correctly
> and I have sendmail setup just fine, but now I want to add a virtual host to
> the system.  I have the DNS entries setup and the MX entries added so that all
> mail for company B gets to the box and I have sendmail setup to accept the
> mail, but when I send mail from this system it comes out as user at companyA.com
> instead of user at companyB.com. 
> Anybody good at sendmail configurations?

If you want all outgoing mail from the machine to say it comes from
companyB.com you need to add


to your mc file and then regen your sendmail.cf.  If you are a glutton
for punishment and would rather hand edit your sendmail.cf file you
need to modify/add the DM line to be


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