Now that I am signed up, how do send a message/ask a question?

First, a highly suggested read: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric Steven Raymond.

In short, carefully format your post (in English) using proper netiquette in your favorite email editor, giving every minute detail surrounding the issue. Yes, the more information the better! Remember to keep posts on topic to the OLUG community, and try to keep  questions to one per email (or at least one issue/situation).

The email address to send your post to is in the detailed information you received when registering for the mailing list.

Keep messages on-topic – subjects about Linux or likely to be of interest to Linux/Unix/BSD users in the Omaha area. This typically includes:

  • any software that runs on Linux
  • the Linux kernel
  • the GNU-tools
  • subjects related to Open Source/Free Software
  • hardware and its use with Linux software
  • other local IT & technology related events and how they relate to Open Source

If you think that the content of your message falls outside these broadly-defined topics, please begin the Subject line of your post with [OT] (include the square brackets).

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